What’s happening is meant to be happening..

We all know when we stop, or just slow down for a bit, we notice more. We then start to be better at just being present.. have you realised how long minutes take to go by when you have to sit and wait for something?

Horses teach us to be more present. They live in their present moment more intensely than we do, attributed to the fact that they are prey animals. They have to be alert to predators and take every opportunity to sleep or eat or just relax when they can.

Layering what horses can teach us, over our everyday lives and working with each other could look like; being more attentive to your partner’s conversations, sitting on the floor and playing in your child’s game, remembering to chew and appreciate each mouthful of food or even just watering the garden; can bring a new depth to our lives.

In coaching people, I use this phrase when it may look like not much stuff is “happening” for them, or when we’ve plateau-ed in their learning, into a consolidation phase. Sometimes it can also mean that we have moved too quickly over something and the slowness helps to bring new stuff to the surface, other times it can be an opportunity for self-reflection to see what WE might need to do ourselves in our actions and in relationships that don’t serve us well.

In sessions we experience a lot of stuff, and much of it happens at pace, so it’s important to remember to just be, in this present moment for what it is, because we won’t get that moment again.

To see if this therapy is what you’ve been looking for get in touch, we have more session times opening for 2021.

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